About Us


We are committed to providing the most professional service and treatments, advanced diagnostic technology, and high quality eyewear.  Our practice is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Your vision.


Why Accent Eyecare?

High-Tech Eyecare:

We constantly evaluate and upgrade to the newest cutting edge imaging and visual testing technology.


We understand your time is valuable.  Your time is no less valuable than ours. A recent study showed that 90% of our regualr patients who arrive on time have their examinations started on time.

Choice of Frames:

We stock over 1000 frames (almost twice as many as most other offices), and maintain a library of current catalogues from which you can order custom pieces and colors.


Whatever your budget you can be sure to find frames and lenses in your price range at Accent Eyecare. Whether you are insured or not, our staff will work with you to be sure you receive the right care and vision aids that fit your vision needs and your budget.

Infant and Pediatric Eyecare:

Neighboring pediatric physicians have been referring their young patients with eye care needs to our office ever since we moved to Rochester Hills.  Proud to be one of the only InfantSEE providers in the area, we perform free comprehensive examinations to infants under the age of one, even if there here are no apparent eye or vision problems, the American Optometric Association recommends scheduling a first baby’s eye assessment at 6 months.  For youngsters unable to read letters or numbers we provide child friendly flat-screen monitors with easy to comprehend picture charts.

People have a great experience here!  Please see our testimonials and online reviews!