Great name brand eyewear is always available, but we also pride ourselves in finding unique high quality frames from around the world.




We use the best Michigan laboratories that surface and edge the most current lenses for your prescription. If you are not 100% satisfied with your new eyeglasses, simply return them within 60 days of purchase and we can exchange them for a different frame and/or lens option. We have every lens from the top lens manufacturers(Essilor, Varilux, Carl Zeiss, Hoya, and many more) at our disposal to ensure you are excited about your vision.

Contact Lenses

We are never contracted to a single manufacturer so you can be rest assured that every lens option from around the world is considered when you are being fit for new contact lenses. Our lenses come direct from the manufacturer and often can be shipped to you at no cost.


Specialty Contact Lenses

  • Custom made soft lenses for astigmatism, bifocal, corneal degenerations, color prosthetics, or high prescriptions
  • Custom made rigid gas permeable lenses: rigid lenses and scleral lenses can offer better vision for certain eye conditions and prescriptions than soft lenses
  • Synergeyes hybrid lenses: a soft contact lens(for excellent all day comfort) with a rigid lens center: the best of both worlds!
  • Ortho-keratology (Paragon CRT and B&L Dreamlens: a rigid lens that you sleep in. After removing the lens in the morning you will have great vision all day without glasses or contacts! Proven myopia control technology for our younger patients